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Welcome to my corner of the web. I am a software engineer with IBM Corp. in Rochester, MN where I work on the compiler for i5/OS (AS/400).

I am a 2001 graduate of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, though I also have interests in Music, Math, and Physics.

For more information, you can visit my "About Me" page below, or if you would like, you can also find my resume below. I have written a few programs and computer help pages, which can be found on my "Computer Resources" page. Or for random writings of mine, check out the link below.

Who am I?

Version Two of my web site is now running!

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This page contains minimal graphics and effects so as to minimize load-time and to make the page compatible with more browsers. Being a Linux user who often views the web in text mode, I appreciate pages that maintain a simple layout that is clear and not obfuscated by bells and whistles.

 Feel free to email me at [ Click here to reveal. ]

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