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RX-V2400 Server

Software to control the Yamaha RX-V2400 home theater receiver. Uses an RS-232 serial connection to control the receiver and establishes a network port to receive commands on.


Download conjoin4.
Play online!
A recreation of that classic copyrighted game. This was written for my AI class. It will run on any system that supports lisp and tcl/tk. Documentation is included.
The online version uses the same lisp back-end, but with a handful of enhancements added on.

Year 2000 Countdown Clock

Yep, it's the end of the world. Should be fun. If your computer won't boot, just set the year back to 1995 and you will be all right. Sorry, the counter only works if JavaScript is supported by your browser. Oh, and I don't think JavaScript is Y2K compliant, so I guess this counter will go weird too.

PL/0 Compiler

Download jpl0c.
A UNIX based PL/0 compiler I wrote last year that compiles to Java assembly language (jasmin). Documentation is included.


Download dumpfile. A program for viewing a hex dump of a file. This program, which should compile on most any UNIX as well as in DOS and Win95/NT, provides an organized way to look into files. The hex is organized into 16 byte rows with offset numbers on the left and printable text on the left. Though untested, I would not be surprised if this program works in OS/2, BeOS, and possibly MacOS.

Boot Sectors

In my spare time I am doing some work on operating system development related stuff. The first product of this work is found on my boot sector programming page. Check it out.
Boot sector programming info

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