Photographs taken on the Music39 J-Term trip to England.

Wild plantlife at Bede's World, a Saxon village recreation. (70KB)
Canterbury Cathedral in the distance. (62KB)
Cuthberts Isle at Lindisfarne. (62KB)
Cuthberts Isle from a higher view. (53KB)
Dover Castle. (95KB)
Durham Castle and Cathedral. (44KB)
Durham Cathedral. (64KB)
A house by the river in Durham. (135KB)
Luther students Hadrian's Wall. (58KB)
English sunset at Hadrian's Wall. (34KB)
A Roman fort at Hadrian's Wall. (69KB)
Stones near Hadrian's Wall. (92KB)
Holly Berries (92KB)
Lindisfarne Castle. (80KB)
Lindisfarne Priory. (108KB)
Sealed doorway at Lindisfarne. (101KB)
Ruins of Lindisfarne Priory. (114KB)
Spires by the North Sea. (59KB)
Melrose Abbey, Scotland. (105KB)
A river nested between buildings in downtown Canterbury. (89KB)
The River Wear in Durham. (104KB)
Salisbury Cathedral at night. (76KB)
Luther students at Salisbury Cathedral. (79KB)
The 15 ton spire of Salisbury Cathedral. (100KB)
Stonehenge. (70KB)
Winchester Cathedral. (690KB)
Winchester Cathedral's east entrance. (50KB)
The nave in Winchester Cathedral. (717KB)

All photographs were taken by Mark Jerde and may be freely used.
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