Photographs taken on the 2001 Luther College Concert Band trip to Japan.

Fire Exits (82KB)
Firmament (140KB)
Kyoto - Golden Pavilion 1 (101KB)
Kyoto - Golden Pavilion 2 (99KB)
Kyoto - Temple Island (104KB)
Matsumoto - Senior Picture (96KB) *
Morning Reflections (69KB)
Night Lights (84KB)
Pacific Sunset 1 (35KB)
Pacific Sunset 2 (35KB)
Shanghai - Chinese Dinner (77KB)
Shanghai - Garden Bridge (133KB)
Shanghai - Mongolian Barbecue (72KB)
Shanghai - Shopping Center (107KB)
Shanghai - Temple (76KB)
Shanghai - Temple Windows (100KB)
Sunset Over Japan (34KB)
Suzhou - Chinese Lunch (66KB)
Suzhou - Garden Doors (96KB)
Tokyo - Palace Gardens (142KB)
Tokyo - Palace Gardens Stone (154KB)
Tokyo - Palace Moat (91KB)
Tokyo - Streetscape (94KB)
Uto - Cuttlefish Tentacles (52KB) +
Uto - Drum Museum (89KB)
Uto - Seaside Sunset (53KB)
Uto - Wedding Dress (109KB)

All photographs, unless marked otherwise, were taken by Mark Jerde and may be freely used.
* Senior Picture taken by Sarah Root ('02)
+ Cuttlefish Tentacle picture taken by Erica Brewster ('01)
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